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New Rochelle Prescription Center
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Store hours:
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Diabetes makes it hard for your body to break down food and convert it into energy but it can be successfully managed. We will be glad to 
offer you the help you need, and will work with your doctor from diagnose to management and control of your diabetes.

Ask for Glucerna, a Sugar Free Nutrient and vitamin supplement for Diabetes with herbs!

We carry major national brand of diabetic home testing supplies such as Blood Glucose Monitors, Strips, Lancets, Lancet Device, Control Solutions, alcohol swab, diabetic socks.  Some of our diabetes related products are listed below:

  • One Touch Ultra by Life Scan J & J
  • Accu Check Comfort Curve, Compact, Aviva, Active by Roche
  • Ascencia Contur, Ascencia Breeze by Bayer
  • Free Style and Free Style Lite by Abbott
  • Precision Extra by Abbott
  • Gluco-Card
  • True Track, True Test by Home Diagnostic etc,

We also offer FREE Blood glucose monitor program!

You may not have to use mail order service for your diabetic supply forever!  Present your prescription or request your doctor (or us to call your doctor) to provide the prescription, and you may receive the supplies while waiting for next delivery.  In most cases we will gladly accept assignment for Medicare Part-B and secondary insurance.

Diabetes Care